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The present is the time of industry revolution 4.0, and the world around
us is transforming at an unprecedented rate. Several industries are
coming across changes, which are rapid while being extensive at the
same time.

A few of the industries that are transforming quicker than others
include media and telecommunication, Information Technology, and
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The advent of technology is being
used as a tool to counter the cut-throat competition.

While the entire arena of digital marketing is transforming to an extent,
changes in SEO are visibly significant. SEO currently is different from what it used to be a decade back. The use of smartphones was one radical change in terms of SEO, wherein users began to surf the web using their mobile devices.

The purpose of SEO is to help users find the content that they are looking for. Google SEO algorithms hence deliver higher search page rankings to the websites that are responsive and promote an excellent customer experience.

Similarly, local SEO is nowadays more prominent than it ever used to be earlier. More and more businesses nowadays maintain a website, optimize it in terms of local SEO, and do some social media marketing as well.


As of current, SEO, as it is conducted around the world is in the process that may be perceived as a paradigm shift. Across contemporary times, we have seen SEO make a shift from semantic search to voice search, mobile search, and image search. This goes to show that SEO needs to stay dynamic over time, and SEO rules persistently change.

SEO changes to meet its core purpose, which is to accentuate the customer
experience and promote customer delight. Nowadays, enterprises
operating across domains need to embrace SEO in the format that it
currently prevails to stay relevant, and derive the maximum value from SEO. This stands true not just for SEO, but for all evolving technologies in general. Keeping up with the change enables enterprises to ensure the best possible customer experience.

For the best possible results in terms of SEO, enterprises should now
look beyond semantic search. Let us takes a look at the SEO best practices that a new age digital marketer should be thorough with:



SEO has traditionally focused upon rankings, but relevance is now considered to be the more important parameter through current times.
One has to consider what the end customer is looking for when he types in a search term.

When they seek an answer to a question, they are likely to be looking for
written content.


If they compare products, images should meet their requirements.

When they are seeking a recommendation, ratings and reviews should meet their requirements.

The focus should hence lay over the relevance of the search results with
a searcher’s intent. When we take a look at the latest search algorithm by Google, we see that it is focused not only upon what an end-user searches for but also upon why does he search for it. A new age digital marketer should hence span his outlook further in terms of SEO.

See what ranks well

Just half a decade back, getting the first spot ranking on the first search page of Google used to be one of the primary aims of SEO. Nowadays, however, homepages and blog posts do not necessarily get the first spot ranking. It may alternately be a featured snippet, a video, or an image.

The focus should be extended beyond where one ranks. It should further
lie upon what one ranks for. Competitor research helps in this regard.


In case you want your website to rank high for a particular keyword,
take a look at the websites that do rank high for the particular keyword.

In case the top five results are product pages, a blog might not make it
to the top five, because Google perceives product-related content to be more relevant for that keyword.

So a digital marketer should try and create the type of content that is relevant to a particular keyword, such that it yields a competitive edge for one’s business.


A digital marketer should aim to address a buyer throughout his buyer’s
journey. The focus should be upon the customer experience and not just the keywords.

Vigilance should make a part of the content strategy. When people search for the ingredients that go behind making a drug, a pharmaceutical company should create content related to the same topic. This content
will accentuate the content already prevailing over their websites. It will drive engagement and buying decisions.


Click through rates (CTRs) are as important as search page rankings

CTRs highlight if the deliverables are the best match for searchers’
requirements. While CTRs are on the rise, a slight fall in search page rankings ceases to be a cause of concern. This goes to show that searchers find your content to be relevant.

With the use of this data, a digital marketer has an opportunity at creating similar content, which better than the prevailing copy, and delivers precisely what searchers are looking for.

Technical SEO has certain limitations

To ensure that page speed, structured data, metadata, indexing, crawling
perform optimally, an SEO strategy should necessarily include technical fundamentals. This helps a webpage or blog rank high in search results.

But technical SEO has certain limitations. Whether you rank no.1 or no.
10 will depend on the content strategy. Making changes to the loading
speed or image alt tags cannot come by as substitutes to a good strategy and content.

Technical SEO needs to be solid, but it is merely a single aspect of
comprehensive SEO management.



When a marketer intends to come up with a winning custom SEO plan, it
should include a sound strategy and great content. Content, here, not
just refers to written content, but encompasses content in other formats such as multimedia content, which includes images, videos, animations, and audio. This should be combined with flawless technical fundamentals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important component of ranking higher in search results That’s why you should partner with an SEO company like Searchific. Searchific is a dedicated team of internet marketing professionals and SEO veterans, working hard to push the boundaries of the industry we love.

It is similarly important to ensure that your SEO strategy stays customer-centric in entirety. This makes it a winning strategy, through the times of digital transformation.

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I am Hitesh Jethva Founder and Author at I felt in love with Linux while i was started to learn Linux.



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