Pregnant Pit Bull Stray Shows Up At Rescue With Big Litter In Her Belly


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The staff at Blackdog All Breed Dog Rescue in Chicago was both delighted and concerned when a stray pit bull arrived at their shelter.

Bonnie was about 1 year old and very skinny, but she had a big protruding belly … because she was heavily pregnant and close to labor.

And this already was her second litter, but thankfully, it would also be her last as an non-spayed dog.

In an effort to see just how many puppies Bonnie was carrying so they could prepare for the delivery, the staff gave Bonnie a scan.


They couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked at the image and saw one tiny skeleton after another.


Even the veterinarian had a difficult time counting them all.

As it turned out, Bonnie was pregnant with 10 puppies. Her rescuers were worried about her surviving the pregnancy and labor, considering she was so underweight.


Just a few days later, Bonnie delivered 10 beautiful, healthy pups. And she made the most incredible mother, constantly doting on them.

She has since found her forever family, and so have all of her babies. See her viral sonogram in the clip below.

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