Preacher Clashes With LGBTQ Student in Viral TikTok, Sparking Debate


A viral TikTok purports to show a preacher arguing with a queer student on a college campus and includes the sound of someone screaming. The video has sparked debate about political division in its comments section.

The TikTok, which was posted by @therealchillsub on Tuesday, has over a million views. The TikToker captioned the video “when a preacher and lgbtq+ student collide” and indicated that it was filmed at California State University Fullerton’s campus.

In the video, someone is heard saying “shut up” after another person screams. Dozens of students surround two people: One looks to be a student, and the other is an older man. The older man takes his phone out of his pocket before the camera pans away to show the other students watching the interaction.


TikTok users expressed their thoughts on the interaction shown, and many assumed that the scream was from the queer student. Some also assumed that the student is politically left-leaning.

“That’s how the left argues,” @chrisbressler commented.

“It’s called Free Speech not Free Screech,” @even.steven.31 wrote.

“They don’t like the truth,” @mandingo4200 commented.

“Can’t win an argument with logic & reasoning, so they resort to shouting down their opponents,” @bukey388 wrote.


“The Party of acceptance and tolerance,” @lordconc3pt commented.

Others commented on the function of debate on college campuses, especially between two people who are traditionally thought of as being opponents such as the LGBTQ community and clergy.

“The height of mature exchange of ideas,” @elaerysisles commented.

“Childish, don’t listen to other people and think their opinion is right and will always be right!” @nick________ commented.

“SEEMS COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE SO LOST,” @cynthialance54 wrote.


The Daily Dot reached out to @therealchillsub through an Instagram direct message and to CSU Fullerton via email.

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2022, 1:43 pm CDT

Tricia Crimmins

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