Pennsylvania Cat Burglar Loves Stealing Neighbors’ Shoes


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BJ Ross of Altoona, Pennsylvania, always knew her cat, Jordan, was a collector. Her black-and-white cat would frequently come home with snakes, dead birds, mice, and pieces of trash.

One morning, however, BJ noticed a random shoe in her backyard. Then another shoe would pop up a few days later. At first, she just tossed them away.

But BJ eventually amassed a collection of 37 unclaimed shoes, including flip-flops, high-tops, and sneakers.


BJ’s mom suggested she keep the shoes and attempt to track down their rightful owners.


So BJ created a local Facebook group where she posted photos of the stolen footwear, hoping her neighbors would recognize and claim them.


She also put a tracking device on Jordan to track his evening journeys throughout the neighborhood, and she installed a security camera in the yard.

Now her Facebook group has thousands of members — many who aren’t even among Jordan’s victims. They’re simply following along with his burglary adventures for a laugh and a smile.


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