Peking Duck With Added Fire


At its locations in Hong Kong Dubai, Hutong has been serving flaming Peking duck. Now the newly reopened dining room of the lavish restaurant chain’s New York branch also offers the glistening duck licked with blue fire tableside. More than mere floor show, the duck is seasoned with a chile-forward marinade. The flaming is said to impart extra crispness to the skin. Regardless, it is delicious, a whole well-burnished duck expertly carved, presented with accouterments, including sauces other than hoisin, and enough to serve four, $116. A second course is made with the meat left after slicing, minced with vegetables in a lettuce wrap, for a dish that’s more Cantonese than Beijing. As of now only five flaming ducks are available a night Monday through Thursday evenings to book in advance. The fireworks will be coming to the restaurant chain’s Miami location soon.


Hutong, 731 Lexington Avenue (58th Street), 212-758-4800,

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