Panthers WR DJ Moore Prevented A Fight At Fan Fest


As the NFL regular season grows ever closer, fans are reaching their most excitable, as the prospects of a new season means new levels of hype and hope. However, sometimes this excitability can lead to altercations, and while that’s usually between fans of two different teams, on Thursday night in Carolina it saw some Panthers fans getting ready to go at it at Fan Fest.

The good news was, there was a peacekeeper at the ready to calm things down, most importantly one the fans would listen to. As the argument between Panthers fans grew heated (about what, you can’t tell from the video), star wide receiver DJ Moore leapt into action (literally) jumping up into the stands and pleading with the fans to chill out and not get into a fight at what was supposed to be a celebration of the upcoming season.


Kudos to Moore for seeing what was about to be a bad situation and realizing that his presence could stop a fight before it started. He talks the fans down and gets everyone to cool off, and everyone was able to move on without incident. I’m not sure conflict mediation is a necessary skill for a wide receiver to have, but Moore seems pretty good at it if it’s ever needed in the Panthers locker room.


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