Odell Beckham’s Detroit Urban Survival Training Celebration


If you have been online at any point in the past few months you have almost assuredly at least seen this man, Billy Ragland, who has become a viral sensation for his ridiculous TikTok videos for Detroit Urban Survival Training, in which he shows you how to disarm people in various situations that you should certainly not try to disarm people in.

The videos are all incredible, provided you recognize them as ridiculous and don’t actually go around trying to grab guns from people which is surely not going to go as successfully as he would like you to believe. Ragland has become a meme because of the absurdity of his videos, and this week he hit mainstream sports, popping up at a Pistons game and then being the inspiration for Odell Beckham Jr.’s latest touchdown celebration in the first half against the Cardinals on Monday Night Football.


Odell is one of the NFL’s most online players, so it’s not surprising he would be the one to come up with this. It is a sensational celebration and the execution from he and Van Jefferson is fantastic, as he wrestles the ball away from Jefferson and then points it at him, with Jefferson sheepishly putting his hands up. I hope we get some more versions of this in the end zone and not in real life, where no one should be trying to actually take Ragland’s advice on disarming would-be robbers.


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