New Homeowner Finds A Secret Fortune Hidden Throughout Living Room


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Jim Dow has flipped more than 50 homes in just the past few years, and he’s found a lot of strange and unexpected items left behind in these homes.

But he’s never made a discovery like this before.

Jim, who works as a franchisee with HomeVestors, recently bought a house in Chicago for the purposes of renovating it and reselling it.

While cleaning out the home, he discovered five full envelopes hidden throughout the living room — under the couch, stuck behind photos on the wall, etc.


In total, the envelopes were stuffed with nearly $10,000 in cash.


“It was kind of surreal,” Jim told CBS. “I thought it might be like being on some kind of reality TV show.”

Once reality settled in and Jim found himself staring at all that cash, he knew exactly what he needed to do … and that was to return all of the money back to its rightful owner.


Before Jim bought the home in an effort to flip it, Gloria Carter had lived there for over 50 years. Jim worked closely with Gloria on selling the home in the thick of the pandemic.

The family must have forgotten about the hidden stacks of cash, but they definitely needed it during these tough financial times.

Gloria and her family were about to find their faith in humanity completely restored.

And to top it all off, Jim refused to accept the reward she offered in gratitude for returning the hidden fortune.


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