NBA And WNBA Stars Were Active Encouraging Voting On Election Day


Tuesday saw millions of Americans head to their local polling places to vote in the 2020 election, including at some NBA and WNBA arenas that had turned themselves into voting locations this year.

Throughout the NBA Bubble in Orlando and Wubble in Bradenton, players, coaches, and the league kept a strong emphasis on trying to encourage people to vote, with teams registering en masse and numerous ads and PSAs running during games calling on people to get registered and vote. That continued on Election Day, as players from around the league posted to social media to encourage people to head out and vote, as well as reminding folks that in many states, you can register on the same day as the election to vote.

LeBron James, who started the More Than A Vote campaign this summer was very active in encouraging folks to head to the polls and vote, while also passing along various resources on social media to help voters (and also fight against voter suppression).


Some were on site to encourage voters, meet with staff, and some even volunteered as poll workers for the day.

Other stars from around the leagues likewise posted resources and information on where and when to vote in various states, while making sure those wanting to vote aren’t scared off going to vote by attempts at voter intimidation and misinformation.


Others from around the league posted about their visit to the polls (or voting by mail earlier), with a number of players voting for the first time after the push internally to get more players registered.

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