Montgomery Riverfront Brawl Reenactments Are Going Viral

Montgomery Riverfront Brawl Reenactments Are Going Viral

Social media users are having a blast reenacting Saturday’s chaotic riverfront brawl in Montgomery.

The massive melee was started by a group of boaters attacking a dock employee who asked them to move their pontoon to allow the Harriott II Riverboat to dock, which riders said patiently waited over a half-hour for the boat to move.

Montgomery police said in a press release that multiple people were detained and charges are pending as a result of the incident. More arrest warrants could be issued following a comprehensive review.


Video clips of the fighting, in addition to memes stemming from screenshots of the incident, took social media by storm. Now, reenactments of the fight are going viral as well.

“This is fine theater right here. Give everybody an independent spirit award or something,” wrote one user of a poolside reenactment.

On TikTok, a gummy bear reenactment of the brawl has garnered more than 2 million views.

@gloweychloe #alabama #brawl #Alabamabrawl #boat #patoonboat #8523 #riverboat #montgomery ♬ original sound – DBrown744

Another TikTok showed a large group on a dock reenacting much of what was captured on video in Montgomery, including the moment when a person threw a folding chair.


“literally re-enacted the whole video like we just ain’t see it,” wrote the TikTok user who shared the video.

@ykghotboy2 literally re-enacted the whole video like we just ain’t see it #tiktokinfluencers #skinbone #reenactment #alabamaboat #ykghotboy #boatsgonewild #alabamafootball #cruisetok #teaparty ♬ original sound – Ykghotboy

“The re-enactments have been KILLING ME,” commented one person.

“I thought this was a lost footage of the real video for a min,” wrote another.


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*First Published: Aug 8, 2023, 10:19 am CDT

Katherine Huggins

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