Milo The Butterfly-Loving Dog Is The Latest Instagram Celebrity


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At the end of the week, there’s nothing that heals more than a good dog Instagram account. There’ve been plenty of famous dogs on the internet that people can’t seem to get enough of.

You probably follow Boo the Pomeranian (and if not, you should). Boo and his friend Buddy fit hit the internet in 2009. Boo was often dressed in clothes that made him even cuter. Sadly, Boo died in 2017 after living a long and happy doggone life. But his photos are still circulating.

While a new pup could never take his place, there’s plenty of space on the internet for another king to take over. And Milo the toller is definitely in the running, Milo is only 2 years old but already has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.


He even has his own YouTube show, called Drooling for Treats.

But aside from being a chef, Milo is straight-up adorable. He’s a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever who might be known as the “toller with the butterfly crown” — primarily because that’s the first photo that got a lot of attention on Instagram. Obviously, Milo is a model in the making. And to be there from the start of his career is pretty thrilling.

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