Michael Cohen Tears Apart Trump And The Lows He Could Go To Sell Classified Info


Michael Cohen, former President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer, weighed in on 45’s potential legal troubles and suggested that Trump has the capacity to sell classified information for “a package of stamps” on Saturday (You can watch Cohen’s remarks on Trump below).

Cohen, who himself went to prison after a guilty plea on tax evasion and campaign finance violations, told MSNBC’s Alex Witt that he thinks Trump will face an indictment but wasn’t as certain that the former president could face time in prison.

“There could be, based upon the fact that he’s a former president of the United States — it may not be a prison environment that he can ultimately get sentenced to, but rather a very strict home confinement scenario,” said Cohen, who served a portion of his three-year prison sentence while under house arrest.


Cohen’s comments come days after he met with New York prosecutors earlier this week as they look into the Trump Organization and a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels over an alleged affair she had with the former president, sources told CNN.

The former president is also under investigation for his handling of classified documents.

Cohen, who noted that he’s a disbarred attorney, later ripped Trump for being a “very dumb person” that doesn’t have a strong memory and claimed that it’d be “inaccurate” to think he wouldn’t sell classified information for something inexpensive.

“Let’s not forget that for four years – despite the fact that he’s really a very dumb person and does not have a great recollection or a great memory – nevertheless for four years he still received classified briefings, national security classified briefings,” Cohen said.


“And if you think Donald wouldn’t sell any of that information, maybe he’s already done so, but if you think he would not sell it for a can of tuna or a package of stamps, you would be inaccurate. So I think for national security’s sake, I think they would put him in a very strict home confinement scenario.”


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