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MHW Yian Garuga Guide: How to Find and Defeat the Monster 


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Monster Hunter World (MHW) has plenty of challenging monsters to defeat. Once slain, these monsters possess the materials needed to craft some of the game’s best armour and weapons. One such monster is the Yian Garuga. 


The MHW Yian Garuga is a monster introduced in the Iceborne DLC expansion of the game. It is a rare but powerful beast that even the strongest of hunters have trouble defeating.

Once the creature is defeated, you can use the monster’s materials to forge end game weapons and Yian Garuga armour. 

What is the MHW Yian Garuga? 

The Yian Garuga is a monster only accessible through the Iceborne DLC expansion. The beast uses elemental fire damage, making it particularly deadly.  

It is said to be very aggressive, picking a fight with nearly everything and everyone it comes across. It is part of the bird wyvern family, having strong armour and potent attacks. The monsters description reads:

A short-tempered bird wyvern marked by its hard, black scales and impressive mane. It strikes with its distinctive beak.” (Credit: MHW Wiki)


As a result, the highly aggressive nature of the monster makes it challenging to defeat. But if successfully defeated can reward you with high-level materials needed to craft powerful weapons and armour.

How to find the Yian Garuga 

You can only find the MHW Yian Garuga in one location, that being the Guiding Lands. 

The Guiding Lands is a high-level endgame location, only accessible once you have defeated the boss of the game Valkanha and reached the master rank quest To the Guided, A Paean. Once you start the quest, you will have access to the Guiding lands. 

Once at the Guiding lands, you need to complete several storey quests until you reach the mission, Return of the Crazy One. To access this mission, you need to be Master Rank 24 and have reached the forest section of the Guiding land. 

This mission will put you up against a Yian Garuga, which you will have to defeat. Once defeated, you can scavenge the monster’s remaining body parts for high-level materials. You can also find the beast through the Arena quest Special Arena: MR Yian Garuga.


How to Defeat the Beast


The Yian Garuga is powerful, but being a fire elemental is weak to water and dragon. Thus, it is recommended that you bring along weapons with water or dragon elemental damage to the fight.

The Yian Garuga weakness is stun, blast and paralysis ailments, so equipping weapons with these ailment abilities will help defeat the beast. 

Likewise, to overcome the monster, it is worth attacking its head and tail, being the weakest parts of its body, allowing you to inflict the most amount of damage on the monster in the shortest amount of time. Breaking these body parts will allow you to slow the beast down, reducing the monster’s threat.

Furthermore, it is not recommended that you attack the monster’s wings as they are impervious to most strikes. Similarly, do not use pitfall traps as when enraged, the beast becomes immune to them.


How can MHW Yian Garuga Material be Used?

Once the monster has been slain, you can use its materials to craft high-level weapons and armour.

You can use the monster’s materials to forge strong Yian Garuga armour sets, such as the Yian Garuga Alpha + and the Yian Garuga Beta + sets. 

Likewise, you can harvest the monsters materials to craft powerful weapons such as the Daito Wolf longsword and the Incessant Wolf sword and shield. 

Here is a complete list of weapons that require Yian Garuga materials:

  1. Blackwing Gunlance I 
  2. Blackwing Gunlance II
  3. Blackwing Switch Axe I
  4. Blackwing Switch Axe II
  5. Blackwing Bowgun I
  6. Blackwing Bowgun II
  7. Raven Tessen
  8. Wolf Tessen
  9. Daito Crow
  10. Daito Wolf
  11. Blackwing Deathblow I 
  12. Blackwing Deathblow II
  13. Raven Shamisen 
  14. Wolf Shamisen
  15. Incessant Raven
  16. Incessant Wolf

Final Thoughts 

Conclusively, the MHW Yian Garuga is a powerful monster that can drop high-level materials needed to craft and forge Monster Hunter World’s most potent weapons and gear.  


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