Mark Cuban Sells Discount Plan B After Roe Overturning


In a post-Roe world, Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy is doing its part after women lost reproductive rights. Yes, he really is the best Shark on Shark Tank, not to mention an exception to the current enormously-online billionaire trend of buying Twitter (and complaining about it) or going viral for a penis-shaped rocket. The Dallas Mavericks owner, in contrast, recently launched a deeply discounted

online pharmacy that made him the anti-Pharma Bro, and Cuban is genuinely saving lives out there.

The Cost Plus Drug Company is selling generic drugs for cost plus a 15%-ish margin. This has led some people to see $200 meds go for only $20, and now, the company’s offering over a dozen different birth control pills for cheap. As CBS News points out, some “Plan B-like” drugs are also available on the website.

Anyone who’s even bought the generic form of Plan B at a retail pharmacy knows that this pill goes for around $30-$40 in generic form. That ain’t cheap, although it’s a lot better than dealing with the consequences of not taking it. With Cuban’s pharmacy, it’s much, much cheaper. Yes, there’s a slight cost for shipping, but this is much more accessible for women. And you also don’t have to deal with going into a pharmacy and asking a staffer to open up the glass case or anti-theft device before purchasing (thereby alerting everyone to how you’re about to take a month of lady hormones all at once). That, right there, is also worth the price of non-admission.


(Via CBS News)

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