Marjorie Taylor Greene Shares Hunter Biden Sex Photos

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shares Hunter Biden Sex Photos

The House of Representatives on Wednesday heard testimony from a long-touted IRS whistleblower who claimed he had proof of misconduct regarding the government’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s illicit tax dealings, which he recently pled guilty to.

The whistleblower is Joseph Ziegler, a 13-year IRS veteran, who announced that he’s a registered Democrat hoping to dispel any rumors or accusations he was a right-wing operative.

In his testimony, Ziegler alleged that the punishment Biden was given, two years of probation for failing to report income, was arranged between the government and the Biden family, claiming the investigation determined that Biden should have been charged with felonies.


Another whistleblower, Gary Shapley, who also worked at the IRS, claimed the investigation was routinely stymied and that investigators were not allowed to specifically probe Biden.

The accusations are jarring, but the substance of them was just a tad undercut when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) spoke. Greene has long alleged that Hunter and his father are part of a criminal enterprise that has used its influence to illicitly secure funds from foreign countries.

But she chose to underscore one of her points by holding up a picture of Hunter Biden involved in a sex act on the floor of Congress.

Ziegler confirmed, during Greene’s questioning, that Hunter used his company to pay for prostitutes and that a membership fee for a golf club was actually for a sex club.


That, however, wasn’t the only nude photo of Hunter she shared. In her questioning, Greene also shared images from a woman she said Hunter claimed to be a paralegal, with her hands around a censored erection.

marjorie taylor greene hunter biden nude photos

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“This is not what most paralegals do for law firms,” Greene said, saying Hunter paid for the woman through his law firm and called it a business expense, which Ziegler agreed occurred.

Greene, in holding it up, got a rise out of the internet, although not in the way she probably expected.


“‘Please don’t vote for Hunter’s huge and powerful c*ck.’ – Marjorie Taylor Greene,” joked one poster.

Greene’s use of the photos, which appear to have come from Hunter Biden’s laptop and iCloud, sparked some consternation from other representatives.

“Should we be displaying this, Mr. Chairman,” asked Rep. Jaime Raskin in response.

But the question came as Greene’s time was ending, and she lowered the placard with a smirk.



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*First Published: Jul 19, 2023, 4:19 pm CDT

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