Man Jokes About Going To Pro-Choice Protests To Pick up Women


A TikToker joked about picking up women at pro-choice protests. “Who needs Tinder?” he questioned.

TikToker @kinserb55 uploaded a now-viral clip of himself walking in what appears to be a pro-choice rally. He records himself looking into the camera as throngs of people holding protest signs behind him march down the street.

“Who needs tinder? We have abortion protests. Think smarter not hard y’all,” text overlay on the video, which was viewed 1.3 million times, reads.

@kinserb55 #satire ♬ Requiem, KV 626 – 8. Lacrimosa – Mozart

On Friday, Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision that gave women in America the federal right to an abortion, was overturned. The decision was to be expected after Politico first reported on the leaked majority opinion in May. Reproductive rights protests have erupted throughout the country since the Friday decision was announced.

Read more on Roe v. Wade here.

While the hashtag on the video indicates the video is “satire,” some viewers admitted they “did the same thing.”

“Just agree with them and they are all yours,” one viewer who claimed they did the same thing argued.


“I’ve tried this. Doesn’t work so smoothly,” another said.


Others were supportive of the tactic. “No matter your position on the matter, this guys onto something…” one said.

“I like the way u think,” another top comment reads.

Others mentioned this same gag was featured on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Many of the commenters on @kinserb55’s post appear to come from men or have photos of men in their profile pictures. One commenter who appears to be a woman, @elizarose98 wrote, “this is why we don’t trust men.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @kinserb55 via TikTok comment.


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*First Published: Jun 27, 2022, 1:53 pm CDT

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