Man Accidentally Burned Down Own Home With Fireworks


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According to PIX11, New York City fire marshals made 17 arrests and confiscated nearly $37,000 worth of illegal fireworks in just the last nine days.

Recently, a 36-year-old man was hanging out with his friends on a Friday night, shooting off illegal fireworks from his driveway in Brooklyn.

Captain Michael Koco with the New York City Fire Department called the scene “a recipe for disaster” since this was all taking place in a small, confined area.

And he was right — because one of the firework shells shot right through an open window into the man’s home.


The whole thing was captured on security cameras that were pointed toward both the driveway and window.


However, the group of friends didn’t notice even the bright orange blaze growing from inside the kitchen, so they continued shooting off fireworks.

Finally, about seven minutes after the fire started, someone noticed the house was actually burning from the inside as another friend ran to grab the garden hose.


As you’re about to see, however, it was too late to salvage the building.

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