Malware Links Were Sent Out By 2K Support After A Hack


If you’ve filed a ticket to 2K Support recently then you might want to avoid opening up any emails you’ve gotten back. Unfortunately, it looks like their vendor for supporting players has been compromised in a hack, but instead of stealing information from 2K itself, the hacker is trying to steal information from customers.

In an announcement from 2K Support, customers were warned that they should not open up any suspicious links even if it was from the official 2K support email. It also informed them that if they had already clicked the link, then they should change passwords and install two-factor authentication software. It sounds like whoever the hacker was, they were trying to steal passwords.

It’s worth noting that 2K Games and Rockstar Games, who dealt with their own hack this week

, are owned by the same company, Take-Two Interactive. However, the two hacks do not appear to be related to each other, to anyone that may have been concerned about that.


The timing on this could not be worse, as 2K Games just had a major release with NBA 2K23 earlier this month. So if you got the game and are dealing with any support issues, you may want to try the phone line instead.

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