LeBron James Imagines Life As A Salsa Dance Instructor In A New Ad


LeBron James is expected to make his return to the Lakers lineup this Saturday when they face the Pacers with what they hope will be a slight chance to play their way out of the play-in tournament. James has missed the last six games with an aggravation of his right ankle sprain that held him out for over a month previously.

While the Lakers are getting set for a playoff push and a hopeful run at back-to-back championships, James’ various off-court efforts are also picking up steam coming into this summer. Space Jam 2 is set to release on July 16 and unveiled the full Goon Squad on Thursday, and James’ first new commercial spot with Mountain Dew Rise after leaving his partnership with Sprite late last year debuted Thursday morning as well. In it, James imagines a life where he didn’t have the drive to work hard to become the player he is and, for whatever reason, that means he ended up becoming a salsa dance instructor rather than a basketball player.


I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a bad thing, because in all honesty, LeBron James: dance instructor is a pretty incredible thing to think about. Still, it’s best for all of us that he stuck with hoops because we’ve been privileged to enjoy nearly two decades of one of the best basketball players in history because of it. That said, LeBron should absolutely break out this salsa outfit for the playoffs because he is absolutely pulling it off.


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