Kerith The Dog Gives Emotional Support For Hardworking CA Firefighters


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In California, the wildfires are raging. In total, there are about 1.6 million acres burning. In Marin County, the 2,700-acre Woodward Fire alone has demanded the attention of hundreds of firefighters


Currently, there are over 250 firefighters, eight crews, and 20 fire engines working to put out the devastating flames. There are also five helicopters and two water-scooping planes being used, according to NBC Bay Area.

The firefighters don’t get a lot of down time, but they are finding comfort in one very special friend: a golden retriever named Kerith.

Kerith is a certified crisis response therapy dog, which means she has the special skills and super-friendly demeanor it takes to provide the ultimate comfort to those who need a reprieve.


And she has been visiting the hardworking heroes fighting the flames in California every day at the wildfire base camp.

Kerith’s visits are definitely helpful to the hardworking heroes, and it seems like this pup truly loves her job, as well.

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