Jonathan Majors May Play Dennis Rodman In Vegas Bender Movie


If there’s one thing we learned from The Last Dance — well, other than the whole “Michael Jordan makes for some pretty good television” thing — it’s that you could isolate any of a number of things that happened to the 1998 Chicago Bulls and turn them into a pretty interesting bit of media. Some movie executives agree with this general premise, which is why we’re getting a film based on Dennis Rodman’s famous 48-hour bender in Las Vegas, when Rodman left the team for a few days to blow off some steam and was found in bed with Carmen Electra by none other than Jordan himself.

The movie, titled 48 Hours In Vegas, was announced last year, and on Thursday, we learned that things are trending towards Jonathan Majors coming on board to play Rodman. Via Deadline:

Lionsgate’s highly-anticipated film centered on Dennis Rodman’s 48 hours in Vegas during the 1998 NBA finals may have zeroed in on the actor who will portray the infamous basketball star. Sources tell deadline, that Jonathan Majors is in early talks to play Rodman aka “the Worm” in 48 Hours in Vegas

. While a deal isn’t closed, sources say Majors is very much on board and negotiations are headed in the right direction.


There is not really much else we can say other than we hope this movie is released as soon as possible because it is going to be extremely good. Also: There should be a movie about Scott Burrell, who seems very nice.

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