Jenna Ellis Mocked by Donald Trump Supporters After Indictment

Jenna Ellis Mocked by Donald Trump Supporters After Indictment

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis is taking heat online from some Trump supporters after posting a fundraising campaign for her legal fees stemming from her indictment Monday.

Ellis was indicted along with former president Donald Trump and 17 other people in Fulton County, Georgia over their efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

While Trump faces 13 criminal charges, Ellis faces two: violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer.


“The Democrats and the Fulton County DA are criminalizing the practice of law,” Ellis said Tuesday. “I am resolved to trust the Lord and I will simply continue to honor, praise, and serve Him.”

But despite being named in the indictment, Ellis is reportedly not getting any assistance from Trump, especially not after Trump’s base turned on her over her mild support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

She publicly decried “blatant sexism” she experienced from Trump supporters and while she has praised both candidates, in July, she dubbed DeSantis—Trump’s top primary opponent—as “the best chance to save America.”

On Tuesday, Ellis shared a fundraiser to help with her legal fees associated with the Georgia indictment, drawing mockery from some Trump supporters.

“If you didn’t spend the last several months viciously attacking Trump supporters, they would have funded your entire legal fight,” wrote one Trump supporter. “Instead, it looks like you’ll have to depend on the 14% of DeSantis supporters to help you out.”


Ellis responded with a story about not everything being about politics and said she’s “not going to stop speaking or start changing my political opinions just to endear myself to you or anyone else.”


“I’m a private citizen being unjustly targeted by the government because I represented Donald Trump. You can support me in this or not,” she added.

But the one poster is far from the only Trump supporter taking jabs at Ellis.


Pro-Trump influencer Alex Bruesewitz, who Ellis previously accused of harassment, used another insult on Tuesday, writing, “Why would Trump want to support someone as disgraceful as Jebba?”

“You don’t deserve one cent for the way you trashed Trump!” wrote another user.

“Do not fall for her lies,” wrote far-right internet personality Laura Loomer. “Jenna Ellis hates Donald Trump and his supporters and she has already threatened to flip on him. Do NOT donate.”

Another person posted: “Jenna Ellis turned on Trump to support DeSantis so NO supporting her. She reaped the whirlwind and karma is a b*tch.”


But despite the push back from some Trump supporters, Ellis’ fundraising campaign has received donations from more than 200 people totaling over $13,000 as of Wednesday afternoon.


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*First Published: Aug 16, 2023, 12:35 pm CDT


Katherine Huggins

Katherine Huggins is a New York-based journalist and freelance contributor to the Daily Dot’s tech and politics section. She helps cover the United Nations for the Japanese newspaper Mainichi and previously reported on the 2022 midterm elections for Marketwatch. Her work has appeared in USA Today, Forbes, OpenSecrets and more.

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