Japan, Australia enhance joint security cooperation

Japan, Australia enhance joint security cooperation

Japan and Australia announced the strengthening of bilateral security cooperation due to the seriousness of the regional security situation.
This came during a 2 + 2 meeting held between the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yoshimasa Hayashi, and the Japanese Minister of Defense, Yasukazu Hamada, with their Australian counterparts, Benny Wong and Richard Marles, in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.
The two sides stressed the need for more joint defense exercises between the two countries, emphasising the necessity to enhance diplomatic cooperation with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific region.
Also, they agreed to oppose any unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the East and South China Seas.
On North Korea, both parties renewed their commitment to a coordinated response to North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile tests.
On October 23, Australia and Japan signed a joint declaration to strengthen their security and military cooperation over the next ten years.

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