James And Kimberly Van Der Beek Believe In ‘Spiritual Parenting’


James and Kimberly Van Der Beek got married in August 2010. The pair were expecting their first child, a daughter they would name Olivia, but they got married because marriage was a step they wanted to take together.


James confirmed news of their marriage on Twitter, simply writing, “The woman I love did me the honor of became my wife today … I look forward to earning her for the rest of my life.”

Since then, James and Kimberly have built a family of seven: in addition to Olivia, they share Joshua, Annabel, Emilia, and Gwendolyn. Kimberly has also experienced numerous miscarriages

and has been very open about those experiences over the years.

While the pair has admirably shared those dark days with the public (in a bid to normalize conversations about miscarriage), their large family size has definitely piqued the curiosity of many.

A family of seven is large by just about anyone’s standards, but it’s absolutely massive by Hollywood family trends!

Here’s a look into the home life of the Van Der Beeks and everything we know about the influences that shape how they are (and are not) raising their children.

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