Instagram: 2 new tools to monetize the content of influencers

Instagram: 2 new tools to monetize the content of influencers
Instagram: 2 new tools to monetize the content of influencers

The social network is testing two new features on its platform: the purchase of badges to sponsor creators on Instagram Live and the introduction of advertisements on IGTV.

While the health and economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic affects all countries of the world, mobile users have turned massively to social networks and, in particular, Instagram, which recorded a 70% increase in its views on its Live service last February and March.

Many creators have broadcast a multitude of content live, such as fitness classes, yoga, cooking shows, or other forms of entertainment, which have been consumed by confined users.

One month after adding stickers to help small businesses and restaurants during the crisis, Instagram is launching two new tools to support its community of influencers by monetizing their content on Instagram Live and IGTV.


Purchase badges on Instagram Live to sponsor an influencer

Instagram Live users will be able to purchase badges when broadcasting a live video. Three amounts will be offered:

0.99 dollar,
$ 1.99,
$ 4.99.
By purchasing one of these badges, viewers of content posted on Instagram Live will see up to 3 heart-shaped icons, depending on the amount paid, displayed next to their account name, thus giving them more visibility in the comments of a live stream.

Additional features can also be unlocked, such as mentioning their name in the list of badge holders.

The creators will pocket all of this digital tip.

This feature, which will be tested next month for a small group of creators and businesses, is in addition to the donations that are already offered on the platform.


The purchase of paid badges will then be rolled out in other countries: the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico.


If you want to test the functionality now, you can request to access the program by filling out the form available here.

Introduction of advertisements in IGTV

Starting next week, Instagram will also add ads to IGTV.

Ads will appear when users click the button to access all content on IGTV from the feed. They will be in a vertical format to adapt to the mobile and will last 15 seconds.

The goal: to support creators by sharing with them the advertising revenues linked to this long video format.


Instagram will share these revenues at 55%, a percentage comparable to what is offered by YouTube.

Instagram has announced that it will test other features during the year.

It will be possible, for example, to place an advertisement by clicking on the Swipe to skip button, as already offered by the YouTube platform on certain advertisements.

The social network thus wishes to satisfy both influencers and brands, while retaining the engagement of its users on its platform.

These ads will be available for testing for a small group of designers and brands in the United States from next week, the social network said.


The functionality will then be rolled out globally, but no date has been announced yet.

New sources of additional revenue for influencers

These two new tools should bring new sources of income for influencers of the platform by monetizing their content, but they are not intended to replace the way they are paid by becoming ambassadors for one or more brands.

These new tools launched by Instagram are not a real novelty in this ecosystem: YouTube is already sharing its advertising revenue with its community of creators, with the possibility of sponsoring a channel for $ 5, and Twitch also offers paid badges to support its streamers.

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