Indiana Family Turns Home Into A Popular Meme About 2020


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Irvington, Indiana, is known as the Halloween capital of the state. In fact, the town’s annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, which was founded in 1947, is currently the nation’s oldest and largest Halloween festival.

And this Halloween, the Lynch family of Irvington, Indiana, is doing their hometown proud … even if the pandemic is canceling many of their neighborhood’s long-held traditions.

Nancy Lynch decided to try to give her neighbors a good laugh during the spookiest season, in light of all the horrible news these days. She never in a million years expected to reach so many people beyond her community.

Inspired by her son’s idea, Nancy transformed the front-facing windows of her home into a popular meme that perfectly summarizes the year of 2020.


In the display, a cartoon dog is surrounded by orange flames. A sign that reads “This is fine” hangs above him, and when it’s dark outside it looks as though the house is on fire.

“It means, you know what? Everything has gone crazy, and we can’t control it, and we might as well just say it’s fine because we can’t do anything about it,” Nancy says.

Nancy’s Halloween display quickly went viral, and now she says tons of people are coming by her house to take photos of the now-viral decor.


See the not-so-spooky-yet-hilarious display in the clip below.

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