How Many National TV Games Each NBA Team Plays In 2023-24

How Many National TV Games Each NBA Team Plays In 2023-24

One major question that pops up on the day of the NBA’s schedule release every year is which teams will get on national television the most? The NBA allocates national games out on a few channels — ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT — in an effort to put teams under a brighter spotlight than their usual local broadcasts, and unsurprisingly, there’s quite the gap between the teams that get on there the most and those who don’t.

With that in mind, here’s how many times each team will get on national television this season.

Atlanta Hawks: 15
Boston Celtics: 34
Brooklyn Nets: 11
Charlotte Hornets: 4
Chicago Bulls: 7


Cleveland Cavaliers: 17
Dallas Mavericks: 28
Denver Nuggets: 30
Detroit Pistons: 4
Golden State Warriors: 41

Houston Rockets: 4
Indiana Pacers: 6
Los Angeles Clippers: 22
Los Angeles Lakers: 40
Memphis Grizzlies: 19


Miami Heat: 24
Milwaukee Bucks: 30
Minnesota Timberwolves: 10
New Orleans Pelicans: 12
New York Knicks: 25

Oklahoma City Thunder: 13
Orlando Magic: 5
Philadelphia 76ers: 29
Phoenix Suns: 37
Portland Trail Blazers: 6

Sacramento Kings: 22
San Antonio Spurs: 19
Toronto Raptors: 4
Utah Jazz: 9
Washington Wizards: 4


Unsurprisingly, the NBA is placing its largest bets on two teams that usually end up on TV more than anyone else: the Warriors and the Lakers. While the Warriors have more than anyone else, the Lakers will be fascinating due to LeBron James’ impending free agency and the fact that he floated retirement last offseason. The rest of the top-5 will be rounded out by the Suns, the Celtics, and a tie between the defending-champion Nuggets and Bucks.

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