Homeless Woman Reunites With Her 3 Cow ‘Babies’


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You’re about to meet an animal lover named Wanda, who for years was raising three cows that she rescued herself — Jessie, Dexter, and Sydney.

Wanda became so bonded to this trio of cows that she referred to them as her “babies” and treated them as such.

Then one day, Wanda found herself homeless. She didn’t know what her next step would be and knew there was a chance she’d have to sleep in her truck.

So Wanda made the gut-wrenching yet selfless decision to give up her cows to give them a better life. She went out of her way to ensure they had a safe, loving home, and that’s how she connected with the folks at Austin Farm Sanctuary, who agreed to take them in.


Austin Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit animal rescue and home to over 65 animals rescued from abuse and/or slaughter.

In the clip below, Wanda breaks down in tears after having to say goodbye to Jessie, Dexter, and Sydney. They’re off to their new life at the new farm 500 miles away.

“I’m doing what’s best for them,” Wanda tearfully says. “If I was doing what was best for me I’d keep them.”


Dr. Phil says when he heard Wanda’s story, he knew he wanted to meet her and give her the chance to finally reunite with her three babies.

Watch the incredible reunion below, and learn more about Austin Farm Sanctuary.

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