Hiker Finds A Shaggy Starving Dog Wandering Around The Desert


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Zoe Cadman headed to California’s Coachella Valley to go hiking with some friends. She never expected to make such a shocking discovery in the desert.

Zoe and her friends had almost reached their hiking destination when they spotted what they thought was a wild animal, like a bobcat, dashing across the street.

They were stunned when they slowed down enough to realize it was actually a dog — a shaggy, malnourished pup running through the desert all alone as the sweltering temperatures reached 100 degrees.

Zoe was determined to save the dog’s life and chased him down the side of a deserted road until she and a biker managed to capture him by filling a cup with water and setting it down on the ground.


Then she crafted a makeshift leash using a piece of twine.

The dog, whom Zoe named Dave, was completely dehydrated, covered in mats and foxtails, and suffering from horrible sunburns on his face and paws. Experts say it was only a matter of time before he would have been hit by a car or succumbed to the brutal elements.

Zoe believes someone intentionally dumped Dave out in the desert. Who could be so heartless?


Now Dave is finally safe from harm and on the road to recovery. Zoe continues to visit him every day, and she’s trying to help him find his forever family.

If you are interested in adopting Dave, email The Shabby Dog at [email protected] with the subject line “Dave.”

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