High-Energy Adventurer Takes Rescue Dog On All His Awesome Journeys


The bond between a person and their dog is one of life’s more beautiful things. When you rescue a dog, that bond is extra special.


You’ve taken on an animal with a difficult past and dedicated yourself to giving them a better future. For Connor Moynihan and his dog, that future is full of adventure.

Last year, Connor and his girlfriend, Courtney, decided to add a new dog to their family. The dog needed to fit into their active lifestyle. Connor is a major fan of adrenaline-raising activities like hiking up mountains and zip-lining over rivers. When he saw an Australian shepherd jumping on a door and barking at him, he knew he’d found his match.


For the past year, Connor and Finn have gone on so many fun adventures together. Connor even got a tattoo in celebration of his new best bud. For every fearless and fun-filled journey that Connor took, Finn has been at his side. The pup seems to love doing all the active things that make his dad happy.

“I could not imagine my life without him,” Connor told Newsflare.

Recently, Connor and Finn were exploring the rugged wilderness in Utah’s Music Canyon and Colorado’s Boulder Canyon. The video below captures some of their favorite moments from the adventures they’ve been on this year. The bond between this man and this dog will seriously melt your heart.

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