Head to the Lower East Side for Oat Milk Soft Serve


Creamy oat milk soft-serve “ice cream” in chocolate, vanilla or a swirl of both (starting at $5.75), is dispensed into big cones or cups and garnished with sauces, sprinkles and other toppings at Whipped, a storefront on the Lower East Side. The owners, sisters Zan B.R., a lawyer, and Courtney Blagrove, with a degree in nutrition and metabolism, started with a pop-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, selling what they say is the first oat milk soft-serve. About a year ago they opened the shop on a limited basis, weekends only, because of the pandemic. Soon they plan to extend the schedule. Now, to increase their audience, they are introducing Oaté Modern Ice Crème, in pints ($99 for six, goldbelly.com

). They also sell a version layered with sauce and toppings in cute half-pint boxes, $8.

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab, 95 Orchard Street (Broome Street), urbandessertlab.com.

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