Hake and Monkfish From the Source


Hake, related to cod, and monkfish, sturdy and easy to cook, might not dominate your shopping list like salmon. But with fewer restaurants ordering because of the pandemic, the fishermen hauling in these varieties off the Maine coast need you to buy them. A collaboration to encourage their use, between the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, a trade group; Gulf of Maine Sashimi, a high-end processor; Island Institute, a nonprofit Maine community group; and Luke’s Lobster, a restaurant chain; are making the fish available nationwide, flash-frozen, at Luke’s online store. Luke Holden, an owner of Luke’s Lobster, is serving the fish at his flagship restaurant in Portland, Maine, but said his other locations were too small to allow for the preparation. Hake is delicious sautéed or poached; monkfish is great in stews and takes to sautéing. They’re selling each fish in two one-pound packages, $60 for hake, $55 for monkfish and $18 shipping. Purchases also support Fishermen Feeding Mainers

, for people in need.

Maine hake and monkfish, lukeslobster.com.

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