Grieving Dog Mom Takes In 3 Orphaned Kittens As Her Own


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It’s heartbreaking when any mom, even an animal mom, loses her babies. That’s what happened to one sweet pup named Georgia. The pregnant Australian shepherd mix went into premature labor and lost her three puppies. The Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, is currently caring for her.

“Going into premature labor gave her babies no chance of living outside of her womb,” the organization wrote in a post on Facebook. “While my heart hurts for the puppies that never got to run and play, my heart is so very sad for Georgia. She is looking for her babies and it is heartbreaking to watch.”

Georgia continued to look for her puppies after they died. She was frantic, and her caregivers gave her a stuffed animal with an artificial heartbeat to simulate her babies. But then Georgia got a second chance at motherhood just a few days later when the organization took in three orphaned kittens.

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