Green Chutney From a Minneapolis Family Recipe


Chutneys originated in India, but they have become a staple in many other countries. Afghanistan, which neighbors the subcontinent, is one of them. Several years ago, the sisters Sheilla and Yasameen Sajady turned the cilantro chutney made by their mother, Fatima, into a business, selling it locally in the Minneapolis area. (Their mother and father, Muchtar, immigrated from Afghanistan in the 1970s.) Now they have a website and are shipping jars of their tangy, green family recipe nationwide. It has endless uses on its own or as an ingredient. There is a hot version spiked with jalapeños and serranos, and a new vegan aioli for another excellent slather. Add some anchovies to that one. The name, Maazah, means flavor in Farsi.


Maazah Chutneys and Aioli, $8.99 for eight ounces,

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