Gin With a Hint of Mangosteen


Gin knows no boundaries. From its beginnings centuries ago, it has become a worldwide spirit distinguished by the presence of juniper. A new entry in the category — now riding a wave of popularity — is from Hanoi, Vietnam, with two gins bearing the Song Cai label. Each displays a different flavor profile; both are distilled with native botanicals foraged by families in rural communities that in turn receive support from the company. Only the necessary juniper is imported. Viet Nam Dry Gin, clean and lively on the palate, with a hint of lime leaf dancing with juniper, will flatter your martini. Viet Nam Floral Gin, fragrant and richly endowed with notes of mangosteen, cardamom and citrus, deserves to be sipped on the rocks. Each is 90 proof. The gins have been made since 2018, but are only now available in the U.S.


Song Cai Viet Nam Dry Gin, $35.99; Song Cai Viet Nam Floral Gin, $38.99,

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