Firefighter Rescues A Stray Husky Running Along Train Tracks


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Maxx Powell, a firefighter and vlogger from Washington, was driving down the road while making a YouTube video when he spotted a stray dog up ahead.

A beautiful husky was wandering down the train tracks, all alone in the middle of the day.

Maxx kept his camera rolling, thinking it’d make for an interesting vlog. He couldn’t bear the thought of seeing the stray dog getting hit by a train, so Maxx pulled over and tried to get her attention.

He quickly realized this husky was incredibly sweet and affectionate — so he scooped her up like a hero, placed her in his truck, and drove her to the local vet.


When the doctor discovered the dog was not microchipped, Maxx’s heart immediately skipped a beat. He knew he wanted to convince his wife to let him adopt her.

Maxx took the husky back home, and as much as he wanted to keep his dream dog he knew he needed to find out if she had an owner who was looking for her.

Watch the video below to see how this amazing rescue (and ultimate reunion) unfolded.


Video Credit: Newsflare

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