Fans Went Wild On Josh Hart Being ‘Cheeked Up’ In His Engagement Photo


The holiday season is a popular time for folks to get engaged. It’s festive, there are often great backdrops of trees and lights, and it’s a time for family — so why not officially add to yours.

Among those to get engaged in this 2020 holiday season was Pelicans wing Josh Hart, who popped the question to his girlfriend in what appeared to be a very lovely setting.

After the initial flood of congrats from friends and fans, the comments turned their attention to something else entirely, as people couldn’t help but notice that Josh was draggin’ a wagon in some tight pants. As a result, the comments became filled with folks talking about Josh’s kaboose, with an awful lot of peach and cake emojis, which Hart himself had a good laugh about being “double cheeked up” in the picture.


It even found its way to Pelicans Reddit, where they had a lively discussion about whether Hart had any business having that much booty.

The best part was even his friends in the NBA couldn’t help but have a laugh at the sudden turn of the comments, as Isaiah Thomas had to note that his “pants are tight as hell” and Jalen Brunson was taken aback by folks talking about that wagon.


It’s honestly a somewhat refreshing turn of events to see a male athlete post something with their significant other and have the thirsty comments all turned on them. As for Hart, I mean, you know what you were doing when you walked out of the house wearing those pants and these comments were always destined to happen.


Most importantly, congrats to the happy couple on their engagement.

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