Family Panics When 1-Year-Old Baby Goes Missing But It Turns Out Ok


If there’s one thing every parent and caregiver I know has experienced, it’s that terrifying moment when you realize your very young child has disappeared.


This happened to me when my son was around 3, and he had a habit of playing in the clothing racks at stores. He was popping in and out, delighted with himself, when all of a sudden he went totally quiet and I couldn’t find him.

It turns out he was just playing an elaborate game of hide and seek (you know, without announcing it) and he was fine, but I was still pretty scared! So I can understand how frightening it must have been for one family when they realized their 1-year-old baby was missing.


The 1-year-old baby girl, named Yaya, was playing outside while her cousin, Andini, was in charge of her. Andini went to check on Yaya and was completely petrified when she realized the baby had disappeared. She combed the home, and finally found Yaya out back … curled up with the neighborhood cat. She said, “I thought she may have fainted or something, or the cat injured her, but she turned out to be sleeping.”

The cat doesn’t belong to Yaya or Andini’s family, but it’s known around the neighborhood. “The cat leaves and comes back from time to time, so we give it food and water whenever it is here.”

Happily, it looks like Yaya and the cat have definitely found a great friend in one another.

Footage provided by Newsflare.

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