Family Builds Tiny House Village Where The Kids Have Their Own Homes


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Six years ago, the Brinks family decided to downsize from their 2,200-square-foot home in Michigan and move to London, Kentucky.

They wanted a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

After lots of research and preparation, they realized that an environmentally friendly tiny house was the perfect solution, since tiny homes are known to produce much less waste and heating resources than a regular home.

In 2015, the family purchased a 21-acre piece of Kentucky land for $57,000.


But the Brinks took their vision a few steps forward — by building out their own private tiny house village with six tiny individual homes.


The village is owned by Keli and Ryan Brinks, who live there with their two children, 16-year-old Brodey and 19-year-old Lennox.

Both teens even have their own private 160-square-foot tiny homes, all for themselves.


According to Insider, “Keli said the tiny houses conserve energy because it’s easier to heat and cool smaller spaces. Additionally, the family produces only one bag of trash per week. ‘The reason we have so little trash is that we try to live by the very important rule of RRRR: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle,’ Keli said. ‘We almost always refuse plastic bags for groceries and use cloth bags. We compost almost all our food. We give our produce leftovers to the chickens. We recycle everything that is allowed to be recycled. We rarely use our clothes dryer.’”

In the video below, Lennox gives viewers a tour of the village, including the barn, her house, her brother’s house, her parent’s house, the pool house, a bathroom building, and an office building.

Lennox’s videos showcasing her family’s tiny homes have since gained a loyal following on TikTok. She has accumulated nearly 500,000 followers!


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