Dr. Oz Resurfaced Tweets About Poop

Dr. Oz Resurfaced Tweets About Poop

Dr. Mehmet Oz is having a shitty month. Literally. First, the internet sliced and diced his crudité campaign video, and now they’re wiping the floor with his tweets about poop.

The longtime television doctor who’s now running for United States Senate in Pennsylvania inadvertently launched the merriment by redirecting his old website to his campaign donations page.

Now his old tweets with such lines as “What are the causes of your leg swelling?” and “What does your ‘poop’ say about your health? Learn here:” include a link to donate to his campaign.


As it turns out, Dr. Oz has spent a lot of time and energy covering bowel movements. In 2009 he asked Twitter if it “caught the POOP PRIMER” on his show.

Also that year, he urged, “If you want to know your friends a little better, RT the poop chart message.”

The ensuing years brought many changes in politics and culture. But one thing remained the same: Dr. Oz’s passion for fecal matter.

In 2018, comedian twins Randy and Jason Sklar went on Dr. Oz’s show to investigate what causes feces to float. In a segment that harked back to the British show You Are What You Eat, the twins donned rubber gloves to offer what Dr. Oz described as “the full health scoop on poop.”

Not once, not twice, but three times in consecutive months in 2019, Dr. Oz tweeted a link to an article with advice on “the right way to poop.”


These tweets apparently didn’t fulfill his quest to ensure proper defecation for all, because he repeated it a year later.

The comments sections of Dr. Oz’s resurfaced poop tweets are now overflowing with puns and toilet humor.

“‘America might be number one and come first, but don’t forget about number two.’ -Dr. Oz,” joked @APMC1985.

Dr. Oz’s timeline is littered with tweets that his social media team probably should’ve scrubbed before he launched his campaign.

Lucky for the internet, they did not.

So tweets like, “Dr. Oz said if a male loses 30lbs he gains an Inch in his penis. Hmm I am going to find me a big guy and help him lose weight” remain alongside his many thoughts about poop, including something called “‘crypto’ fecal parasites.”


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*First Published: Aug 22, 2022, 11:25 am CDT

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