Dog ‘Frozen’ With Tetanus Makes Miracle Recovery


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Dr. Ali Thompson, a veterinarian from Bradenton, Florida, rescued a pit bull named Bunny when she was just 7 months old.

Bunny couldn’t walk or move due to a severe case of tetanus, which left her totally paralyzed and suffering from regular muscle spasms and lockjaw.

She was likened to a stone statue, frozen in place.

The poor pittie needed around-the-clock care and was unable to walk without assistance. Thankfully, she was in the best hands possible.


With the help of her husband, Ali dedicated the next two weeks to Bunny and her intensive rehabilitation.


This involved a slew of IV medications, syringe feedings, hygiene maintenance, and various physical therapies.

Also, since Bunny experienced muscle spasms from even the most subtle noise or light, she needed to be kept in a dark and quiet space.


After two weeks of tireless work and endless care, Bunny began to lift her head completely on her own.

Then, on day 21, Bunny officially proved to be the miracle survivor she is. Watch her amazing transformation in the clip below.

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