Diners Are Startled When A Feral Cat Falls From The Ceiling During Meal


The idea of eating in a restaurant these days is already a little stressful all on its own. Most of the world is still contending with a first or second wave of the virus that has swept the globe, and the rules about where it is and isn’t safe to go seem to change often.


However, diners in Shanghai recently experienced an entirely different worry while dining out: a feral cat who fell from the ceiling of the restaurant.

The video below shows the entire bizarre experience as it happened. The feral cat drops from the sky just as a man is getting ready to pour a drink, and then the cat proceeds to jump from table to table, scaring diners in the process.


The footage is definitely startling! The cat leaps from a table onto the wall as diners stand up and rush around to try to get out of the feral feline’s path.

Eventually, the owners of the restaurant were able to get the cat out.

Shanghai actually has a fairly giant population of stray feral cats who roam the city. The cats live in parks or wherever they can find shelter, which could explain how this cat ended up in the restaurant in the first place. Unfortunately, many of these cats were once pets who have since been abandoned.

Watch the video below to see how the entire experience played out!

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