Daniel Craig Says Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp Would Be A Good James Bond


Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond comes to an end next week when No Time to Die is officially released. It’s led to one pretty major question: Who is going to fill his shoes? It doesn’t seem like there’s any rush to figure out who is going to be next up in the series — well, other than Craig’s mission to make sure it is not Hugh Jackman — but it does seem like Craig has an idea for one potential successor.

In an interview with Jamie Carragher of Sky Sports, Craig, a well-documented supporter of Liverpool Football Club, expressed his belief that Jurgen Klopp could take the baton next and run with it.

“I worship him, so yes,” Craig said. “I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a couple time, and you just want to follow him.


“He’s a leader, and it’s, like, so … I think he’s kind of way beyond James Bond, really,” Craig continued.


The only issue with the idea — well, other than the fact that Klopp’s acting chops have not been tested and being James Bond is a big deal in the world of cinema — is that Klopp does not seem particularly on board. He mentioned that while he wanted to be Bond when he was a child, his priorities have since changed considerably.

“I would be a really bad James Bond,” Klopp said. “Because if I walk out of the water in swim shorts, I think that would be the moment when the whole world would switch off.”

Klopp is also probably far too focused on other things to pull this off, as Liverpool hosts reigning Premier League champion Manchester City this weekend in a match that likely will determine who sits atop the league as it heads into the upcoming international break.


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