Damion Lee’s Buzzer-Beater Three Gave The Warriors Their First Win


The Golden State Warriors got off to a disastrous start to the season, getting blown out by the Nets and Bucks in their first two games, but they entered Sunday looking to get into the win column against a fellow winless squad in the Chicago Bulls.

The two teams looked the part of evenly matched winless teams, as they traded the lead on a few occasions down the stretch as Stephen Curry and Zach LaVine each put on a show, scoring 36 and 34 respectively. With the game tied at 126-126, LaVine took the first turn at a clutch bucket, hitting a tough leane from the midrange with five seconds to play.

Golden State called timeout and everyone in the world knew they would like to get the ball to Curry, but the Bulls were determined to make anyone else on the team beat them. Enter, Damion Lee.


Lee had 12 points on the night, none bigger than those final three, as he put the dagger in the Bulls to give Golden State a 129-128 win and finally, mercifully, get them out of the basement of the league. Curry even seemed to get free momentarily at the end of his run off the Looney screen, but Lee had already looked in another direction and found Looney for a handoff play no one expected, but that resulted in a game-winner.

For the Bulls, it’s a rather gutting loss as they too looked to bounceback and end their first week of the season with a win, but fell just shy. The Warriors won’t be in position to turn down a win of any kind this season, so they’ll happily head off to Detroit at 1-2 where they’ll try to build on this performance where they finally saw Curry get going in the second half.

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