Covid-19: Canadian scientists say cat drug “could protect humans”

Covid-19 Canadian scientists say cat drug could protect humans
Covid-19 Canadian scientists say cat drug could protect humans

According to a study by Canadian researchers, GC373 and GC376, drugs used to treat a specific infection in felids, have very interesting results in terms of treating Covid-19.

While the coronavirus pandemic remains relevant, the search for cures that can cure Covid-19 is in full swing, with scientists from around the world currently working on the issue.

With sometimes unexpected results: a few days ago, a Dutch study highlighted the benefits of breast milk in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

And this Thursday, it is Canadian researchers who opened a new avenue by publishing in the journal Nature the promising results of their research on … drugs for cats.


From feline coronavirus to SARS-CoV-2

Called GC373 and GC376, these assemblages of molecules have been used for several years to treat feline infectious peritonitis, an infectious disease whose prognosis is almost always fatal, caused by a coronavirus specific to felines, the feline enteric coronavirus (FCoV).

The action of GC376 and GC373 is precisely to block an enzyme produced by FCoV, thus preventing it from reproducing.


During the study, however, scientists at the University of Alberta found that these drugs had the same effect on the replication of SARS-CoV-2 (which, let’s remember, can also be caught by cats. ).

“It is clear that these drugs must be quickly tested in humans”

The results obtained by the researchers, detailed in the article published in Nature, are particularly encouraging, in particular, because no side effects were observed.

“They are powerful drug candidates for the treatment of human coronavirus infections because they have already been shown to be effective in animals”, explain the authors of the study.


“The work we have carried out defines the framework for their use in human trials for the treatment of Covid-19,” the researchers continue.

It is clear that these drugs need to be quickly tested for Covid-19 in humans. ”

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