Commonwealth Games track cycling horror crash sees Australian Matt Glaetzer hit deck in keirin


Crashes in track cycling are par for the course, but Aussie Matt Glaetzer was involved in a shocker at the Lee Valley VeloPark that left his hopes of continuing at this year’s Commonwealth Games hanging by a thread. 

Glaetzer and England’s Joe Truman came together on the banked corner during the second round of the keirin after the Aussie clipped the back wheel of the rider in front of him.

Matt Glaetzer crashes in front of another cyclist on a corner at the velodrome
Matt Glaetzer went down as the six riders sprinted to the line.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)
Joe Turman falls over Matt Glaetzer
Joe Truman had nowhere to go.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)
Joe Truman lands on his back
Velodrome boards make for an unforgiving landing surface.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)

Both riders hit the ground at more than 70 kilometres per hour, with the Englishman losing consciousness on impact.


Glaetzer was able to pick himself up and limp away, with his thin race suit in tatters.

Truman slid to a stop on his front and lay motionless for several, worrying minutes amid a concerned hush at the usually raucous velodrome. 

Matt Glaetzer and Joe Truman slide
It was instantly clear that Joe Truman was in a bad way.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)
Joe Truman lies on his front as Matt Glaetzer tries to get up off his back behind him
Matt Glaetzer was able to get up pretty quickly after the impact.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)
Joe Truman lies motionless on his face
Joe Truman lay motionless for several minutes.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)

Truman had to be given oxygen before being taken from the arena in a wheelchair.

Joe Truman is pushed in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask on his face
Joe Truman was conscious when he left the track.(Getty Images: Craig Mercer/MB Media)

It was later reported that he had suffered a suspected broken collarbone, as well as a concussion and multiple abrasions. 


Glaetzer suffered multiple abrasions and burns on his right side in the crash.


Channel 7 reported he also had to have a splinter cut out of his elbow.

The 29-year-old, who has come through plenty of hardship in his career, including fighting his way back from thyroid cancer in 2019, is still hoping to compete in Sunday’s sprint race.

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