Colorado Family Warning Others After Buying Contaminated House


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Eric Herrera and his wife Jennifer bought their dream house in Littleton, Colorado, for more than $600,000.

It was the perfect place in which they could raise their two daughters and two dogs. At first, everything was just as they’d hoped it would be.

The house had been completely remodeled, from new flooring and cabinets to brand new countertops.

But not even two weeks after buying the house, Eric found himself cleaning up the rocks in the backyard … and staring down at a meth pipe on the ground, right there in plain sight.


Then, Eric was cleaning out the utility room outside near the garage.


He discovered a whole bunch of strange items, like a small mattress, bedding, and a heavy-duty surge protector.

And while going through the items, he flipped over a blanket and found yet another meth pipe wrapped inside.


The disturbing discoveries prompted the family to get their supposed dream house tested for drugs.

Lo and behold, the 24 samples taken from at least four rooms inside the home revealed a heavy trace of drugs — so high, in fact, that the house was condemned.

The Herrera family had to move out, just as quickly as they moved in. And despite his efforts to buy it back, a loophole prevented him from doing so.

Watch the video below to see the Herreras’ important warning to new homeowners everywhere.


According to GoFundMe, “The family was required to quickly leave the home they’d moved into only three weeks before. Their belongings are now in storage and they’ve been forced to find a temporary living situation – in the midst of a global pandemic.”


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