Cats: they don’t like milk and also purr when injured

Cats they don't like milk and also purr when injured
Cats they don't like milk and also purr when injured

A deity of ancient Egypt, the cat, is a genuinely phantasmal animal.

He would have 9 lives and bring bad luck when he is black.

A reminiscence, of course, witchcraft tales … Spotlight on five beliefs that stick tenaciously to the most cuddly of felines.

The queen of misconceptions about cats is undoubtedly the fact that they “always land on their feet.” You will understand, it is in the “always” that the error lies.


It all depends on the height of the fall. If the latter is less than 1.5 meters, it is not certain that the animal has time to take the best posture to land.

If the fall is too high, on the other hand, the encounter with the ground risks being fatal;
Another widely held idea:  220;cats purr when they are happy”.


There is, of course, part of the truth, but only part of it. Vets frequently observe cats purring continuously when stressed, injured … or even on the verge of death. ;

Who has never offered a cup of milk to a cat, thinking of bringing him his favorite drink? Well then again, this is a mistake.

Indeed, according to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, “when the cat is 2 months old and therefore weaned, its mother’s milk must be replaced by water … and not by cow’s milk.


It is in fact poorly digested by felines who no longer have lactase, the enzyme that helps digestion. Absorbed, it causes intestinal disorders ”.

Another food prejudice: “cats love fish and can not and only want to eat that”.

What is true for some felines will not be true for others.

Generalities are, therefore, irrelevant. What is more, a diet exclusively based on fish would cause deficiencies, especially in vitamin B1.

“Get along like a dog and a cat.” Here is an expression that, when used, symbolizes a certain animosity between two people.


Yet once again, it is far from being founded.

Still, according to the Foundation, “if the two animals are different, they can also be the best friends in the world.

It is a question of character, which determines the understanding or disagreement between a cat and a dog “.

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