Cat: It is not to see if the water is cool that he puts his paw in his bowl

Cat It is not to see if the water is cool that he puts his paw in his bowl
Cat It is not to see if the water is cool that he puts his paw in his bowl

Your Cat tends to put his paw in the water before drinking, the reasons that explain it are many and varied.

It must be admitted that Cat’s life is good.

Rare are the moments of stress; you have a “human” who takes care of you, sleeping for several hours is no problem for anyone, you have the freedom to come in and go out whenever you want.

Your furry ball has a well-oiled little routine that is important not to disturb.


With confinement, you may have been able to see it more closely, when he drinks, this too is a sacred ritual.

Your feline does not come to drink but to quench their thirst and enjoy a moment of calm and rest. Sometimes he even puts his paw in his bowl of water.

Do you wonder why he is doing this? Know that the reasons are many and varied.

Your Cat has poor eyesight.

Before going further, know that it is recommended to regularly change the water in your Cat’s bowl (we talk about it a little below) especially with the approaching summer and higher temperatures.

To come back to the first reason which explains why your furball puts its paw in the water, it is first of all because from close up. It does not see much.


If from afar and even at night, he can activate his hunting spirit to bring you a small gift, when an object is too close to him, he sees much less well.

His vision at ten centimetres is very bad.

As you know, it likes to control its environment on the end of the claws, your Cat is as much a hunter as prey, it must anticipate any unwanted intrusion, that is partly why it sleeps between your legs.


So, to have a better analysis of the distance which separates it from its bowl of water, your tomcat tends to put his paw.

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Having fun but not getting tired

When your Cat has his famous quarter of an hour of madness, before having a calmer behaviour, one could say “that’s it”.

This need to exercise without getting tired is also the same when he puts his paw in the water.

The second explanation for his behaviour is that your feline needs to be stimulated both physically and psychologically.


When he moves the water with his paw, it is simply because it amuses him.

Also, you must be vigilant and just like him, take the time to observe it.

You know very well that he has a susceptibility and his sensitivity; he does not appreciate that his whiskers touch the edge or the bottom of his bowl.

Finally, if the Cat’s bowl is in the wrong place, he will decide not to drink in it anymore.

So to drink with confidence, he needs to reassure himself by estimating the distance.


The Cat was a wild animal.

Before being tamed, the Cat was a wild animal, sometimes a hunter, sometimes a prey, it must always be on its guard.

With his experience, he learned that standing water could have more bacteria causing health problems, just the opposite of moving water.

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