Cat: If he follows his master in the bathroom, it’s not just out of curiosity

Cat If he follows his master in the bathroom, it's not just out of curiosity
Cat If he follows his master in the bathroom, it's not just out of curiosity

The Cat is an observant animal who likes to know what is happening everywhere. The bathroom is no exception.

Your Cat follows you everywhere, really everywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen through the living room and the bathroom, it is always there.

The bathroom is a special room, as soon as you close the door, it scratches or meows, and if you leave it open, it will not hesitate to join you.

When you need to brush your teeth, shower, or get ready, he decides at the same time to come in your legs, the sink, or jump in the bathtub.


Faced with this behavior which leaves you perplexed, you surely wonder why your tomcat appreciates it so much the bathroom?

The Cat is f ascinated by moving water.


When he was only a wild animal, your feline already had a special relationship with water.

He knew that standing water could have more bacteria than moving water. This is why, for example, a cat does not always drink from its bowl.

Besides, you may have already seen it for yourself, when the tap water flows, he looks at it as if something exceptional is happening before his eyes.

Your Cat knows how to take care of him, and he also knows that tap or bath water is sometimes fresher than that of his bowl.


The bathroom, your Cat’s playground

The Cat, this great player who likes to have fun both to have an important physical and psychological activity.

Besides, it’s always a good point for you. A playing tomcat will be tired at the same time as you.

It is allowing you to potentially have more peaceful nights. Your bathroom has everything it likes.

First of all, there is the bathroom rug, ideal for it to claw in, an attitude that your sofa will appreciate.

Then He can also play with the famous toilet paper, certainly in his top 5 favorite toys.


After all that, he just has to jump in the bathtub, both to try to surprise himself and to play.

The Cat has his routine and hates closed doors.

You no longer realize it as your daily life is so oiled.

There are those who prefer to shower in the evening, those who prefer in the morning, and those who need both.

There are also those who dress before brushing their teeth and those who do the opposite. Your routine is sacred, so is his.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the Cat needs to show you that you matter to him and that he wants to spend time with you.


Of a very curious nature, he likes to know everything that is going on and everything that he does not see in the plot and could even go so far as to create a feeling of anxiety in him.

He questions himself and wonders what can happen on the other side of the door and especially what happens without him.

Impossible for him to be put aside, he must be there.

Finally, when you are in the bathroom, the Cat takes the opportunity to attract your attention.

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